About E.L. Hollingsworth and Company

E.L. Hollingsworth and Company has been hauling freight since 1924. ELHC had one of the first operating authorities in the motor carrier industry, with operating authority that was granted in 1941.

We are a Native American owned and operated company, dedicated to safely and consistently meeting our customer’s expectations. We meet customer requirements by recruiting, investing in and training an exceptionally talented staff and by using the most comprehensive logistics software available to the transportation industry. We combine our management software with global positioning satellite (GPS) tracking to manage our logistics processes and to monitor our entire fleet. We also provide our employees the necessary tools, resources and ongoing training to ensure up to date exceeded safety standards, continual improvements and quality throughout our organization allowing for sustained growth and profitability.

We are committed to providing safe, efficient on time transportation services to our valued customers. Today E.L. Hollingsworth and Company offers truckload services, ground expedite, and warehousing. With over 80 years of logistics and transportation experience, E.L. Hollingsworth can save you, the customer, time and money helping you streamline and drive efficiency into each unique supply chain. A trained and creative staff, safety, quality, technology, savings, and long term solutions is what our clients have come to expect.

Our Safety Mission

The E.L. Hollingsworth & Co. Safety Department will be a constant reminder of our commitment to safety. We have established our Fleet Safety Policy to emphasize the commitment E.L. Hollingsworth & Co has to the safety of our drivers and the general public. Through continuous enforcement of the Fleet Safety Policy we will seek to eliminate accidents and have a positive impact on our operations. All employees, managers and, supervisors will have the responsibility to follow this policy and to assist drivers under their supervision to meet the requirements of this program. Our drivers are responsible for operating their vehicles and performing their assigned duties in accordance with the Fleet Safety Policy. Recognizing the significant impact safety has on our overall effectiveness as a company, the senior management hereby commits the necessary resources for the development, implementation and continuous improvement of a “best practices” safety program with an ultimate goal of zero accidents.

Christopher Shepard
Date: October 3rd, 2007