• Dedicated truckload
  • One-way truckload
  • Designed milk-run Routes
  • Truckload multiple stops
  • Over 400 tractors
  • Same day delivery
  • Asset based LTL Service 150 to 200mi radius of South MI
  • Expedite service
  • Transactional brokerage
  • Over 2000 truckload partner carriers
  • Cost saving LTL service
  • Online discounted LTL rates
  • Performance based logistics
  • Optimization of supply chain
  • No-fee logistics management

What is your logistics strategy?

85% of your competitors don't have one!

Let E.L. Hollingsworth show you how a great logistics supply chain strategy can put more on your bottom line, and put you ahead of your competition. We have a service or a combination of services to help your company save money and improve inbound and/or outbound transportation.


We have a fleet of assets or a qualified provider to meet your transportation requirements.

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